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Lint, the tiny, not so quiet computer killer

Here I am, only three days in to my new forestry/technology blog and I'm deviating from forestry already. I wanted to write about the release of the new iPad, but I want to get my hands on one and spend some time with it over the weekend to be able to write something that's somewhat knowledgeable. And, something else came along that was worth writing about. That's right, it's lint. I classify it as lint, but it's made up of lint, dust, pet hair, and other unknown particles, but for the sake of making things easy, I'm just going to call it lint. Have I grossed you out yet?

Britannica calls it quits, trees everywhere rejoice

In 1768, the first Encyclopedia Britannica was printed in Scotland. Now, 244 years later they are calling it quits. The last 32-volume set of encyclopedias was printed in 2010 and are usually printed every two years. But, the 2010 edition will be Britannica's last. The company plans to refocus its attention to digital encyclopedias and educational tools. 

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I waited and waited and waited! I finally got what I was waiting for...a new phone. I've had a Windows Smartphone for over 5 years now (Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5). My contract had finally ended and I was eligible for an upgrade with Verizon Wireless. I almost pulled the trigger a few months back with the Motorola Droid Boinic, but it just didn't do it for me. The Droid Bionic seemed clunky, the skin Motorola uses was not great, and I heard bad things about the camera from the day it was released.

Protect seedlings with a coffee can

If you've ever planted pine seedlings and wanted to go back to spray herbicide around the trees, you know it can be tricky. Some chemicals, like Arsenal, will not damage the pines if sprayed with the right concentration of chemical. If you want to spray something like Roundup, however, you can severely damage the tree if you get chemical on the leaves or needles. So, here's a tip on how to spray around young seedlings without damaging them.

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Happy Pi Day! Every year on March 14 (3.14), geeks around the globe celebrate pi day. So, it seemed like the only appropriate day to launch Thank you for visiting the site. As a forester and a self professed tech geek, I was thinking of how I could mesh the two. This site is what I came up with. Here you'll find forestry and technology news, product and service reviews, and tips/tricks of the trade. I can't promise that every blog post, review, or tip will be forestry related but I'll try my best to post content that is interesting.

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