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No southern hospitality for the emerald ash borer

State forestry agencies in the South are bracing for the potential arrival of the emerald ash borer. Agencies, like the Georgia Forestry Commission, are putting out traps to capture the beetles that attack ash trees. The beetles have been found as far south as Knoxville, TN. In Georgia alone, 800 traps are being placed on trees by the Forestry Commission, Georgia Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, and Trees Atlanta.

Instagram debuts for Android Phones [Updated]

Instagram for Android has finally arrived. The app was released in the Google Play Store earlier today. Android users have been waiting for over a year for one of the most popular iOS apps. The new Android app was teased a few weeks ago at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) in Austin and again a little over a week ago when Instagram posted a sign-up page on their website for interested Android users. Over 430,000 Android users signed up in a week and a half.

Weekly App Wrap: GPSArea for Android

If you are a natural resource professional, you know that a GPS unit can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. I remember the first Trimble device I ever used was over $5000 and the software for my computer was almost $1000. Depending on your intended uses, the cost may be justified but it will take some time for that investment to pay for itself. Most landowners would never consider making that kind of purchase.

Find cheaper gas prices with GasBuddy

As a forester, I drive anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 miles per year. The properties that I manage are usually 45 to 90 miles away from my home. Lately, gas prices have been on the rise. I know this is bad news for most of us, but it is especially bad news for those who are self employed and have to travel frequently for work. As a small business owner, my profits are lower because of higher fuel prices unless I find ways to cut fuel costs and improve fuel efficiency. If that can't be done, I must pass the increased cost on to my clients. 

The Geek Corp: Code for America takes on cities' technology shortfalls

This morning, my wife emailed a link to an article from CNN about a program called Code for America. The purpose of the program is to get technology and design experts (geeks) to take a year off from work and go work for a city government that is in need of boosting its technology. Many cities in the U.S. are struggling with budget cuts and outdated technology.

Would you give up your Facebook password for a job? Maybe it is time for a personal privacy policy.

This week, there was an article on Yahoo News about how a company asked a job candidate for the password to his Facebook account during a job interview. I was shocked by the story and was happy to hear the candidate withdrew his application for the job and moved on. I can't believe that any company would have the gall to ask for such a thing. I would NEVER comply with that no matter how desperate I was to get a job.

Weekly App Wrap: Evernote and GeoCam Free

Each week (usually on Friday), I plan to share information about one or two iOS or Android apps that may come in handy to those who read this blog. Whether you're a forester, landowner, outdoorsman, a lover of technology, or someone that just stumbles upon this blog, I hope that you will find the information useful and maybe find a new app that will benefit you. This week's app wrap features two apps: Evernote (multi-platform) and GeoCam (Android). 

Guest bloggers unite, send a clear message to the USGBC [Updated]

Are you ready for some acronym overload? This month, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has hosted several influential members of the forestry community as guest bloggers for its campaign to gain recognition from the U.S. Green Builders Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

ForestGeek Review: The new iPad

The wait is over, the new iPad has arrived. Announced on March 7th, Apple's new iPad hit stores on Friday. This is the third model of the hugely successful iPad line. Apple has branded this model simply as the new iPad ditching the rumored iPad 3 name. The original iPad was released in April 2010 followed by the iPad 2 in March 2011. For those that own an iPad or iPad 2, the big question is whether or not to upgrade to the newest model. Those without an iPad may now be considering whether the latest model is worth forking out a minimum of $500.

Apple to spend $45 billion, announces share buyback and dividend initiatives

Apple announced today how they plan to spend approximately $100 billion that is has in the bank. They announced two initiatives including a $10 billion share buyback for fiscal 2013 along with a per-share dividend of $2.65 to start in fiscal Q4. Apple expects to spend $45 billion on the programs. CEO Tim cook on spending its cash reserves:

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